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1)  AGE RULE: All players participating in the Tournament must be 35 years of age or older on February 15, 2020 (50 years of age or older in the 50+ division, 60 years of age or older in the 60+ division) unless approved by the Tournament Committee  Proof of age must be submitted, if requested by the Tournament Committee.  All games played by a team using under-aged players will be forfeited.

2)  A player can only play with ONE TEAM. Any exceptions will only be granted by the Tournament Chairman and the team or player in question must make the request in advance of the tournament or all specific games.

3)  Teams must be ready to start on time or the game will be forfeited.

4)  Helmets, full face masks and neck protector’s mandatory. The referees are instructed to ask any participant who does not have all of the above equipment to leave the game. Any participant who does not comply with the referee's request will be assessed a delay of game penalty. The offending participant may only return to the game if he subsequently fulfills the referee's request to leave the ice and dress properly.

5)  Any team displaying unnecessary rough play will be warned once, and if this warning is ignored, they will be expelled from the Tournament.

6)  The length of games will be 60 minutes - broken down as follows:

a)  Warm up - 2 minutes

b)  1st Period - 20 minutes straight time (Last 30 seconds are Stop Time).

c)  2nd Period - 25 minutes (Last minute stop time if there is a difference in the score of one goal or less).

d)  Scrape and Flood - 10 minutes

7)  All players must have played at least two games in three Game Round Robin before competing in Finals.

8)  Replacement Goalie: Teams with only one goaltender dressed must accept a replacement supplied by the Tournament Committee if illness or injury occurs.

9)  The center red line, for the purpose of the two-line offside pass, will be eliminated and will only be used for icing calls.



It is important that every player, Coach, Manager and Team Executive be familiar with the Rules of the Tournament.

1)  NO BODY CONTACT: Any player who bodies intentionally, pushes, shoves or stands in front of and does not avert body contact with an opponent will be assessed a body contact minor penalty. 

2)  NO SLAP SHOTS:  Play will be blown dead and the face-off will be in the offending team's end. The stick blade cannot be further than one foot from the puck before being struck. 

3)  NO FIGHTING: Should a fight develop, the offending player(s) will be assessed a game and Tournament misconduct and the team will play shorthanded for five minutes.

4)  MATCH PENALTIES: Will be assessed for butt ending, spearing, kicking, or attempt to injure. (Any match penalty will terminate the player's further participation in the Tournament) A major penalty will be assessed and served by someone on the ice at the time of the infraction.

5)  Any player assessed SIX MINUTES of PENALTIES in one game will be given a GAME MISCONDUCT. Any Major or Misconduct penalty will also result in an automatic Game Misconduct penalty.

6)  LENGTH OF PENALTIES  *** face-off will be in the offending team's end

a)  MINOR. 2 minutes stop time - MAJOR. 5 minutes stop time - MISCONDUCT. 10 minutes running time

7)  All other referees' decisions will be governed by C.A.H.A. rules.



Group Standing in Round Robin Play (First 3 games)

1)  Each group will play a point series: 2 for a win, 1 for a tie.

2)  In the event of two teams being tied in the standings within a Division, the tie shall be broken in the following manner: 

a)  The result of head-to-head competition between the teams;

b)  Least goals against by the teams in round robin play;

c)  Goal differential in round robin play;

d)  First goal scored in head-to-head competition.

3)  In the event of more than two teams being tied in the standings within a Division, the tie shall be broken in the following manner:

a)  Least goals against by each team in round robin play;

b)  Goal differential in round robin play;

4)  If this procedure still leaves two of the teams tied, the procedures for two teams being tied shall then be applied.


DECLARING WINNERS IN FINALS (if tied after regulation time):


a)  3 shooters per team, identified before the shootout starts, shooting alternately.

b)  If still tied after 3 each, then sudden death, shooting alternately, ensuring that each team gets equal number of shots. NOTE: Every player (with the exception of the goaltender), must shoot once before any player shoots twice. 


The Tournament Committee reserves the right to restrict the participation of players.


Any rule, interpretation, procedure, or dispute not specifically covered above will be reviewed and ruled upon by a quorum of the Tournament Committee whose decision will be binding.





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