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Tournament Co-Chairman
  Peter Gibson  
            Alex Robertson   
League President
  Denis Drolet  
Registrar & Schedulers
  Alex Robertson   
              Joe Di Liello  
Administration & Finance
  John McGuigan  
Program Layout - Printing
  Sebastiano Stabile
Silent Auction & Daily Raffle
  Tony Scalia  
              David Senecal  
  Clyde Aldridge  
Ultimate Raffle
  Peter Gibson  
Internet Webmaster
  Alan Groombridge
         Wilson Low  
Food and Provisions Co-ordinators
  Claude Chouchani
              Chantal Boudreault
Kitchen Staff Co-ordinators
  Chantal Boudreault
              Mark Cup  
Schedulers of Volunteers
  KOHL Captains  
Team Giveaways
  Peter Gibson   
              John Calderone    
Officials            Pierre Hupe
  Mark Dingle  
        Roger Blanchard  
              Dennis Timmons  
  Rick Corsi   
  Peter Gibson   
Charity Liason
  John Mancini  
Alumini Representative
  Neil Semenchuk  
Members at Large
  KOHL Captains  
              KOHL Executive  
Thanks to all the volunteers for dedicating their time to this event!!
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